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As Organizational Health Solutions we use CliftonStrengths as our primary developmental tool, as it’s widely recognized as the most effective tool for long-term use in any organization and team. It allows us to create an ‘infrastructure’ by which we facilitate ever growing understanding, culture-health and performance. In addition to this we also utilize other world-class tools and research created and developed by Gallup, to support private and public sector organizations in our quest to boost their performance, growth and culture-health.

Who is Gallup?

Gallup delivers forward-thinking research, analytics, and advice to help leaders solve their most pressing problems while improving business outcomes. Combining more than 75 years of experience with its global reach, Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviours of the world's constituents, employees, and customers than any other organization. Gallup publishes books and articles with groundbreaking research on business, leadership, well-being, and politics, as well as coursework on the factors that drive individual and organizational performance. In addition to this, Gallup (in partnership with Don Clifton) is the creator and owner of the CliftonStrengths tool.  

CliftonStrengths Tool

The CliftonStrengths tool (created and owned by Gallup) is a web-based assessment that stands on the shoulders of positive psychology. Specifically, the CliftonStrengths assessment measures the presence of talents in 34 general areas referred to as “themes.” Talents - the ways in which we naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals - serve as the foundation of strengths development. Upon completing the CliftonStrengths assessment, respondents receive a report displaying either their top 5 (most dominant) themes or their full 34 order of themes (depending which assessment they chose). The CliftonStrengths assessment allows you to discover your strengths and begin a path to better performance and higher engagement, whether it’s in the context of employees, executive teams, students, families, or personal development. The CliftonStrengths assessment was designed in keeping with a major component of Gallup's mission: 'to help people learn about and build upon their greatest talents to create strengths that will enhance all aspects of their lives'. As of 2019, the CliftonStrengths assessment has been completed by over 20 million people worldwide.

What is the CliftonStrengths tool?
What is CliftonStrengths Tool
CliftonStrengths Technical Report

The StrengthsFinder assessment was developed by the Gallup organization in 1998, and in 2001, the best-selling book Now, Discover Your Strengths was published. In 2004, the StrengthsFinder assessment was officially re-named “Clifton StrengthsFinder,” in honor of Don Clifton, the chairman of Gallup who helped develop the assessment. In 2007, an updated version of the StrengthsFinder assessment was released by Gallup, and a new book was published, StrengthsFinder 2.0. Recently, the StrengthsFinder assessment was renamed and is currently called the "CliftonStrengths" assessment. The CliftonStrengths assessment has been subjected to repeated psychometric scrutiny by its developers. The Clifton StrengthsFinder Technical Report describes the development and application of the Clifton StrengthsFinder and summarizes its psychometric support to date, in accordance with The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, & National Council on Measurement in Education, 1999). To read more about this please download ‘The Clifton StrengthsFinder® 2.0 Technical Report’.

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