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Employment contracts detail the relationship between the employer and employee and establish a mutual understanding of both parties’ role, responsibilities and obligations. It provides a clear agreement that protects both parties’ rights to prevent unnecessary labour disputes. Our services provide different types of employment contracts (permanent or fixed term) in appropriately drafted, easy to understand format. Allow OHS to lighten the load of all your HR Administration.


HR Administration

When bringing together employees from different backgrounds, values, traditions and beliefs; personnel policies are essential to define and clarify as they reinforce what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace. Our policies communicate a shared code of conduct and enables managers to address personnel issues in a compliant, workable and consistent manner. Our services provide a set of vital policies that are tailored to your business culture and needs. Allow OHS to lighten the load of all your HR Administration.


Hr services

We work hard to understand our client's organizational culture and talent needs. We then develop a recruitment strategy for each role which may include digital and non-digital marketing for example social media, internet sourcing, and other means to source candidates. Once we have identified and sourced appropriate talent, we then manage the recruitment life-cycle, including initial assessments, interviews, verification's, and take the process through to the negotiation of offers and successful placement. ​In this process, our candidates are educated around the client’s organization, their corporate culture and the expectations of them through each stage. Allow OHS to lighten the load of all your HR recruitment/hiring needs.


performance management

Performance management is all about understanding and motivating employees to perform effectively to support the broader goals of the organization. The general format and open-ended nature of performance evaluations has long been favoured due to its simplicity (less paperwork). The most vital aspects of performance management include method, regularity, clarity of expectations, rewards, consequences, and ongoing support. OHS develops a performance management system tailored to your needs and work culture, ensuring you are quantifying each team members value and growth. Allow OHS to help you take your staff performance to the next level.


performance management

In partnership with Core Wealth, we provide the following services and benefits for our corporate clients and their staff teams:

  • Risk benefits – life, disability, dread disease and funeral cover.

  • Pension and provident fund investment advice and management.

  • Healthcare advisory, medical aid and wellness program implementation and advice.

  • Short-term insurance.

Allow OHS to empower you in the way you care for your staff.

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