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The primary reason mergers and acquisitions fail is due to cultural differences.

Two organizations may see the value in capitalizing on each other’s strengths, but they often fail to investigate their cultural compatibility before aligning. When two different cultures merge, there is a good chance that they will clash, resulting in frustration, lack of engagement and low performance. Organizations going through a consolidation process often face the challenge of integrating values relating to work and behaviour. Most organizations uphold what we call a tight or loose organizational culture. Tight company cultures value consistency and routine, with strict processes. Loose cultures are more fluid and avoid clear rules with an inclination towards trust-based values. Mergers and acquisitions often amplify company differences resulting in a challenging consolidation process.

Using the CliftonStrengths tool, we integrate a framework by which team members of both companies can understand each other and work together effectively. In addition to this, we help both parties create cultural alignment by assisting them in clarifying and articulating their core purpose, behavioral values and collective goal.


Our overall strategy leads different organizational cultures towards each other, achieving synergy and cohesiveness whilst avoiding a loss of momentum and a waste resources.

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