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Strengthening family relationships, empowering parenting, and developing your unique potential by bringing deeper understanding and awareness to your relationships and self.

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CliftonStrengths (for adults) and StrengthsExplorer (for kids) is an online profiling assessment that reveals a persons 'core-wiring' - or in other words, it explains why people think, feel and act the way they do. 


What makes CliftonStrengths unique is that it is based in positive psychology which means it is built on the premise that every person has strengths and some sort of value to add. The tool focuses on what is right with each person, while highlighting what makes them unique. This information and approach proves vital in the understanding of each other and the navigating of relational dynamics. 


This tool has proved to be life changing for millions of individuals and families with regards to strengthening marriages and relationships, empowering parenting, focusing children's learning efforts, and speaking confidence into children by celebrating their strengths. 

22 million people have done the assessment so far - we encourage you to invest in your family and relationships, and do it next!

Strengths Coaching for Couples 

This program was created to improve the partnership between couples. Whether you have been together for 3 months or 30 years, this program will bring both of you on a deeper journey of discovery. Rest assured that you'll learn things about your partner that would surprise you!

Strengths Coaching for Parenting

This program is designed to strengthen the relationships within families, particularly the parent-to-child relationship. Through our coaching sessions, fathers and mothers will learn how to parent their children using their unique strengths, and gain practical handles on how to identify and nurture the talents of their children. 

Strengths Coaching for Students

This program is designed to help students understand and celebrate their innate talents while teaching them how to unlock their full potential. The Strengths tool breeds confidence in the hearts of the youth that use it, as it celebrates what is right and unique with them while also 'releasing' them from feeling pressure to become someone they are not.

Strengths Coaching for Individuals

We have a team of Strengths Coaches who are passionate about impacting people on a deeper personal level - the one-on-one coaching sessions. Compared to large-scale team sessions, one-on-one coaching sessions are very individualized. With a more personal setting, we are able to cover greater depth in helping you understand and maximize your Strengths.

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